Refacing - Refinishing - Resurfacing What's the difference?

Refacing means the old doors and drawer fronts are removed and a new surface material is bonded onto your existing cabinet boxes. The old doors and drawer fronts are discarded and replaced with new ones. All materials are prefinished offsite in your choice of finish. Refacing is the least disruptive method as compared to refinishing or replacing your cabinets. Our company, Reface Cabinets LLC, uses 1/4" thick solid wood for refacing. Many of our competitors use thin laminate products. Read More..

Refinishing involves Painting or Re-Staining your cabinets, usually re-using your existing doors and drawer fronts. This can be an economical alternative to refacing, but strong solvent odors and dust issues are part of on-site spray finishing. Oak cabinets are problematic, as are lighter stains. Read More..

Resurfacing is kind of a non specific term in this sense, because it could mean either Refacing or Refinishing.

What species of wood does your company use for refacing?

Most common is Maple, followed by Cherry. Read More..

Can you replace my countertops too?

Reface Cabinets has a top notch Granite supplier, for our customers who need new countertops. Let's discuss your needs and we will work to come up with a great solution for your kitchen or bath.

Can you re-use my existing cabinet drawers?

Usually the existing drawers can be used and we just put new fronts on them. The best case scenario for the customer is if your drawer fronts are screwed on and not stapled and/or glued on. We can generally get the old drawer fronts off, but have to charge extra to deal with the extra labor to get them off. If the old drawers are in bad shape or the glides are worn out, it is generally better to replace the drawers and glides.

What other services do you offer besides refacing?

In addition to solid wood Cabinet Refacing, Reface Cabinets LLC can reconfigure your cabinets, add on to your existing cabinets, provide slide out drawer shelf systems, and of course we install millwork such as new crown molding and corbels.

Reface Cabinets focuses on Cabinet Refacing does not provide onsite sprayed Cabinet Refinishing services.

All our materials are pre-finished offsite in your choice of color, glaze, or stain. This means that we will always be supplying new doors and drawer fronts as part of the job. If you like the cabinet doors you have now, and want to keep them and just change the color or stain, we aren't the right company to call.