Refinishing Pros and Cons:

While Refinishing can provide a real cost savings compared to refacing, there are significant dust issues and painting odors to contend with. Refinishing can be a good option if you like the cabinet doors you have, and are going to a solid color or to a glaze, as long as the odor and dust are acceptable.

In order to have a factory quality finish whether a solid color, glazed, or stained, the cabinet boxes need to be spray finished on site. And to get a durable finish your cabinets need to be sprayed with a lacquer product designed for the furniture industry. The solvents used in many of these lacquer products require all people and pets to be out of the house for some time while spraying. There are some new water based lacquer product with less odor, but they still require use of respirators by the applicators and significant odors. And no matter how well the area is masked and sealed off, micro particles of hardened lacquer will float around in the air and get most everywhere in the house as a very fine colored dust.


If you have peeling plastic laminate on the existing doors or drawer fronts, your doors will need to be replaced, which will wipe out most of the cost savings of refinishing.

If you have stained wood cabinets, the only practical way to refinish in another stain color is to go darker. This is because it is feasible to spray a darker dye stain over a lighter stain, but it is impractical to remove the existing finish from the cabinet boxes and re-stain lighter.

If you have Oak cabinets, it is almost impossible to hide the grain. If you try to stain Oak to look like some other wood, it just won't look right. And it''s a similar problem if you have a solid color applied over oak cabinets. That Oak grain will show through a solid color finish, as there's just no hiding it.

Reface Cabinets is focused on Cabinet Refacing using all prefinished materials and does not offer on-site spray refinishing.